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Chiropractor Supervised Weight Loss Program

Help Your Patients, Your Community, And Your Practice!

With the Doctor Supervised ChiroThin Weight Loss Program your patients will lose a significant amount of weight both quickly and safely.  However, the best thing is that the patient is provided with a way to break all of the bad habits that got them to where they are... overweight and needing your help!

  No Exercise, No Shakes, No Expensive Pre-Packaged Food!

The ChiroThin formula is a nutritional support formula containing a host of ingredients that including: amino acids, hunger and cravings suppressionors, blood sugar stabilization, detoxification and improved fatty acid transportation and fatty acid metabolism.

  Real Food!   Real Results!
By purchasing real food from their local grocery store, your patient  learn how to eat again!  Your patients will learn which foods are good for them and which foods are bad.  In the end, ChiroThin paves the way for the lifestyle change that so many people need!
A Consistent Source Of New Patients For Your Office!

Our turn-key marketing system gives you everything you need to market, advertise, and capture a piece of the weight loss industry.  Afterall, who is better positioned to make lifestyle and nutrtional recommendations than chiropractors!

ChiroNutraceutical Uses US Delivered and Manufactured Ingredients! 

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